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Помолись за НАТОвца.

В мире не переводятся кретины (текст под катом на английском). Я-то думал, что FreeRepublic - это апофеоз, что не бывает лучше. Даже вчерашний грузин меня не переубедил. А вот йух. Под катом скопирован пост из того самого блога, на который я ссылался насчёт Линюкса - изобретения коммунистов. В этом блоге интеллектуальная жизнь бьёт ключом. С учётом того, что американские консерваторы вроде траву не употребляют, им не положено, я категорически теряюсь в догадках, с какой химии такое можно было наваять.

Our secret weapon against Osama: Prayer

The American infantryman is a one-man army; Thanks to diligent military research, American troops are stronger, faster, tougher and more intelligent than any other nation's soldiers. But is this enough to win the war against terror?

Compassion and Might. The U.S. Infantryman is a moral leader; upholding Christ's teachings all over the world.
We are facing an enemy the like of which our nation has not fought before; Al-Queda are terrorist masterminds with a superb grasp of computer technology, nuclear and biological warfare. There leader is an insane criminal mad-man driven by his hatred and jealousy of our freedom.
Osama: There is no limit to his evil.
Due to the Clinton administration's sloppy administration policies, our cities may already be riddled with Al-Queda sleeper agents. These desperate men will stop at nothing to complete their mission: Destruction of our culture and establishment of a new Islamic regime in the U.S.A.

They believe that the reward for their "martyrdom operation" is life after death in heaven; pampered by virgins. Al Queda are highly motivated, intelligent and thanks to the Democrats, they may have already penetrated our defenses, but the danger they present is only a small fraction of the peril that our great nation faces. An even greater danger comes from ourselves:

We have already seen the decay of our family and spiritual institutions. For too long, a corrupt Democrat government has encouraged the murder of the unborn Christian soldiers of the future. The liberals are trying to make our country morally weak, and spiritually bankrupt.

My friends, we have an opportunity to reverse this moral decay; Our president has called us to the Nations's aid in this time of great danger. We may not all be able to carry a rifle and fight for our country, but we can do the next best thing: Prayer

"I have something to ask every American. I ask for you to pray for this great nation." George W. Bush
Please go to the Presidential Prayer team website and adopt a member of our armed forces. Our combined prayers will speed our troops to victory:

STR's Prayer for the American Soldier

Dear God, Thank you for choosing America to be your light on earth. Please protect our President and Vice President who have sacrificed so much in your name. Protect the hard working patriots who have gone to Iraq to help rebuild and above all our fighting men.

Give our soldiers the strength to be your holy warriors: To fight for Christ, to convert the infidels to know your love. Grant our troops strength to be good Christians and show your power throgh their might.

Please protect our soldiers, our airmen and our marines in battle. Give them the wisdom to defeat the evil of Al-Queda. Above all, please protect a Marine called Michael Rob. May his aim be true, help him bring merciful death to all those who fight against America, your country.

American soldiers bring Democracy and peace wherever they are sent. Support their mission in Iraq and join STR.com in prayer.
Friends, With your prayers, American military might, and the love of Jesus Christ, will crush Al-Queda, and bring eternal peace to the Middle-East.

Yours in Christ,

Tristan J. Shuddery

Я не представляю себе, как можно договариваться с *этим*.

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