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Такого сталинизма вы ещё не видели.

Это не трава. Это под кожу в больших количествах. Товар первый сорт, такое и в ЖЖ искать долго придётся. Угощайтесь, кто английский помнит.

Re: EVIL RUSSIAN TV LIES. Russia killed Jews, Poles, Georgians and others, over resistance of parliament of nations and Stalin. EVIL RUSSIA SAID to West Stalin killed Russians, to East - he killed non-Russians to make Russia Great. SADAM BELIEVED EVIL RUS
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Date: January 5, 2007 04:23AM

Russian Chauvunists didn't gave up after Russian Revolution.

British ultimated Lenin:
So, he forbided print secret archives of deals between Russian, British, German and Austrian Empires;
So, he re-hired Russian zarist bureaucrats, diplomats and many military officers;
So, he went on conquering independent countries, former Russian "colonies" and illegaly partially occupied before Revolution countries, including creators and co-creators of Russia like Georgia, Baltics, Ukraine, Finland, Poland...

When Lenin confessed in his madness and Stalin was elected as representative of Parliament of Nations, Russian Chauvinists lost for a wile and agreed with Stalin build democratic institutions and Common Whelth of independent republics and Autonomies.
However, controlling Army, KGB and bureacracy, ethnic Russians secretly underminded industrialisation and independence by secret pogroms:
Against Jews and Poles, specialists of lower and medium level, in 1936.
Being stoped, Russians threatened with Civil War and allience with Hitler - non-Russians backed off and ethnic Russians got away by secretly killing relatively few common executioners.
Against Georgians and other non-Russians, specialists of medium and higer level, in 1937.
Being stopped, ethnic Russians threatened same way, and got away same way, thought some of them were out of Russian Jurisdiction and were tried outside of Russia, but Russian occupiears made it nearly impossible and a secret too.
All of the above and many other crimes were committed by ethnic Russians, against the advise and concent of Parliament of Nations and Stalin - by secret ambushes...

After WW2, specially when bombs and missles were build by soviets, Ethnic Russians stole it and became totally arrogant (they say they even vindictivly murdered first several men in space, as non-Russian, including Georgian, blood and lanched later Gagarin without problems to glorify race of Russian part-Neanderthals).
Since 1946 they were holding Stalin and members of Parliament of Nations in Moscow under gradually tightening house arrests and making sick them and their children (and just non-Russian children like me) by viruses, poisons, and 'Lemurs" types of operations.
The last two years Stalin was under totally new guard unit than was finishing the job, making him sick, dying, sometimes incoherent, and totally imobile, till they killed him.
Eastern European leaders understood what Russians did and were also killed by Russia soon after, some with the same simptoms as had the dying Stalin.

Finally German-Russian Moscovites took over and Khrutchev with new "hlopchiks", "Fritces", and red "Zh.pchiks" established tyrrany of Russian-Germani part-Neanderthals and went to the West, East and Third World countries as rulers of the East.
But West didn't recognized the increasingly huliganing Russkis, even during WW2 they didn't trust Russkis - the official agreements, by insistence of the West, were made through Stalin and both soviet Parliaments.

Russian tyrrany became furious and broke the hole shit about crimes of ethnic Russia loose, blaiming it on non-Russians, starting with Beria and Parliament of Nations.
Beria was surrounded by Russians and he wasn't in KGB till 1938 or so.
So Russians attacked dead Stalin with unbelievable lies.
Such lies were gradually proven to be lies, so Russians were gradually inventing new lies, to be prooven to be lies also...

At some point Russians organized in the West the whole industries of lies, made up stories about some pure Ivan and inuendoes, publishing avalance of stupid books from WW2 desertir Soldginitcin through self-proclaimed genius, the spy-maniac-degenerate Victor Suvorov, with help of British and German Cousins Emperors.

But Russian lying double-faced vulture wouldn't be fulfilled if Russians wouldn't sale to the East just opposite lie about Stalin and USSR:
While they sold to the West propaganda and many lying books that non-Russian nations (victims of Russia) were "Stalinistic killers" that were killing good "Mother Russia",
in the same time they sold to Sadam and his Baas party a book in which they lie that Stalin was Russian patriot-Chauvinist that helped make Russia Great by expaning Russian territory and killing non-Russian nations (as well as killing opponents and critics, bloody "Jew intelligentcia") for Russkis to breed, and they advised Sadam to do the same, to build great empire, as did Russia.

Sadam believed the dispicable lies, destroyed National Assembly of Suni, Shia, Kurds and Assirian Authonomies, unleashed tyrrany to be like Great Russia, destroyed his country, and was hanged for it, rashly - because now the Shias-Babilonians read the same book of Russian lies.
Russian Empire is Great!
Even when they just lie people and nations die...


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Будем надеяться, что товарищ либо ещё шутит, либо уже лечится.

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