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Невероятный парад ублюдков.

Что-то я сегодня нехорошо выражаюсь. Но вот эти ссылки. Опять FreeRepublic. Юбилей же. 60 лет жаркОго по-японcки. Комменты там надо читать тоже.

"Americans had warned, pleaded, begged, threatened, and done everything in their power to end the war with a civilized surrender. The Japs wouldn't give up, in spite of the Allies virtually destroying their major cities, minor cities, navy, air force, manufacturing capability, capturing their outposts, and making every possible conventional war move. It was necessary to do what was done. The Japanese would have fought to their last man, killing every prisoner they held along the way, and obliterating their nation from the face of the earth, probably thinking that in the after-life, they would receive just rewards for fighting the 'white devils.' Truman did what he had to do, and saved the most lives in the process.

The dropping of those two nuclear bombs on Japan, save at least a million lives, and shortened the war by many months. Those that choose not to recognize that America tried over and over again to get them to surrender, without success, ignore the figures as borne out by history. The death rate in the Jap POW camps was 27%, and in German ones, 4%, The Holocaust did not take place in POW camps. The Germans obeyed the Geneva Convention as best they could, and the Japs didn't even try. The Jap POW camps were so lethal, that few returning veterans would even speak of them, and most of the WW II stories and film, ignore the Jap camps, they were so brutal and death dealing. I can see no wrong in remembering and approving the final act which ended that hideous war. The true crime, was FDR getting us into it in the first place. I still will not own anything Japanese, and am glad to admit it."

У меня просто нет слов. Или вот.

"It was a horrible thing to have to do. But it was the lesser of two evils. Given that more than 1,000,000 American casualties alone were prevented, dropping nukes on Japan was, in the big picture, a thing of beauty and great compassion."

Я думаю, что ни русский, не немец такого не скажет о, например, безнаказанном расстреле соответствующей стороной даже вооружённых солдат противника, прижатых к морю, например - такое было в ту войну и с немецкой стороны, и с нашей. А ведь тоже - совершенно правильное действие, согласен, предупреждались ненужные жертвы. Но красота и сострадание?!

Вот набор ссылок.

'I don't blame them but I hope they mourn the dead' (Hiroshima a-bomb)
Giving thanks for Hiroshima
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Why feel guilty about Hiroshima?

Я понимаю разумные аргументы - неважно, базируются они на верных или ложных данных, нравятся мне или нет. Я не понимаю тамошней *радости*.

Упдате: ссылки пофикшены и теперь работают.


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